After being selected to move forward the next step is booking a shoot. When shooting with our photography company you are giving Adorable Talent the rights to be able to promote and submit the photo's for projects. You would also have the rights to the photo's, you will be able to download all photo's from a link we would send and save them to your computer to use. Adorable Talent would create a online portfolio with the pictures as well that our clients can view and request talent they would like to see or book for projects. We are hands on with everything which is why we do everything "in house". We do not charge for your child to be represented by us but there is a service fee for our photography services. Once Adorable Talent has a request for you child, we then send all detailed information to attend the casting and/or audition. We only move forward to shoot kids's Adorable Talent wants to represent. Photography is a service so yes there is a photographer's shoot rate, but Adorable Talent Management does not charge for representation. Adorable Talent is not an agency, we are a talent management company. 

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Please note that there are no refund on shoots.

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